I’m a cheap video gamer

Assassins Creed - XBox 360

I’m a cheap video gamer, for sure. But not cheap as in I’m not willing to pay for games. More like cheap because I’m usually a few years behind everyone else. It’s actually a...


A week with the iPhone 6

iPhone 6 back shot

My take on the iPhone 6 after my first week with it. I’ve spent the last week using the iPhone 6 and wanted to throw some thoughts out there on it. I’ve been an...


Getting started with Visualforce

The basics of Visualforce. I’ve been doing quite a bit of work in Visualforce lately, which is Salesforce’s component-based UI framework that lets you build user interfaces for the Salesforce and Force.com platform. This...


On setting deadlines

I’ve learned over the last several years that the corporate world never moves on time. Deadlines are almost always missed. This partly due to unrealistic expectations but also¬†due to just not planning properly. The...